Es hat sich viel getan
Geschrieben von Jaelle   
Freitag, 5. Mrz 2010
Den Zwölfen zum Gruße!

ImagePuuh, kaum ist Drakensang - Am Fluss der Zeit erschienen, schlägt es ein wie eine Bombe.

Ich will da garnicht groß um den heissen Brei reden, hier mal eine kleine Auflistung erschienener Kritiken:, 8 von 10 Punkten!, 5 von 5 Sternen!, 8,5 von 10 Punkten!, relativ kurzes Statement ohne Wertung, 75%, Gut, positive Wertung!

Das klingt doch durch die Bank weg recht ordentlich, oder? :)
Zur Zeit befindet sich das Spiel auf den Verkaufscharts auf Platz 5, auch kein Pappenstiel!

Was gibt's sonst noch?
Es gibt ein kleines Quiz zu den Archetypen auf der offiziellen Seite, Link gibt's HIER!

Außerdem ist der Dritte Teil des Making-Of's erschienen!

Auf dass Phex uns ein gutes Geschäft beschere!

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Thank you Lisa but I cannot take credit for the story of my grandmother, Fannie. I realized after I read your comment that I forgot to give credit to my mother, Doris Graham Cleage. In 1976 she wrote out her memories of her mother, grandmother and great aunts for my sister and me. I will be posting others. I wish she was here to read them.
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What a great idea! I’ve completed one year and not another. Last year I sat it out as I was traveling. I’ll be doing NaNo this year though! Maybe I’ll work it around Dominance somehow, since I haven’t settled on a focus yet. I’ll be back with suggestion(s) for topics. - Awesome timing Evan!     | | 17.09.2016 00:55:52
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Nice picture Jim. It not only sounds like it tastes like our own one but underneath all the fancy pants wrapping it looks exactly the same too. If you look at the box do you think it might have had cocoa powder in it (accounting for the rough texture you talk about). It looks like it from the picture on the box. - By reading tnis blog     | | 20.09.2016 01:05:57
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I think that Paul Levy, CEO, of BIDMC has, on the whole, done a really good job turning that place around from financial catastrophe. And he clearly cares about medical care. His no central line infection campaign is a tribute to that.I think that his previous experience was in water management (I haven't been able to find his resume.)
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The majority of meetings I attend are fully prepared and we agree up front if someone needs to have their mobile phone on for a particular reason. I think it boils down to the respect and organisation/control skills of the ‘chairperson’.These days I do see less and less minutes being created and no summarisation.Andrew
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Gracias Kelvin, nos outros estivemos en Patagónia e Tierra del Fuego en 2007, pero en Agertina. E desde luego nos ficou las ganas de volver à Patagónia, e ao Parque Natural Torres del Paine.
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Does this explain why we've never in English, and unlike so many other languages, adopted two standardly-accepted variants of the word "you" simply to differentiate between the singular and the plural.Albion's Seed refers to the southern "y'all" as a redundancy, although I think it just reflects the fact that they liked to keep the distinction and "you" has effectively become singular.Personally, I'd like to see a less ambiguous "we".
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also if you click share below the video it will open up a URL link box that you can copy or directly click Facebook, twitter or google+ and log in from this page to post it on your social networks. you can also email the link using that same “share” button. - I am SO glad to hear     | | 22.09.2016 23:24:57
I am SO glad to hear that you are feeling better!!! I was beginning to get very worried about this sickness of yours…and I was wondering about bronchitis. Very happy to hear that you actually got up and moving around today. Try not to do too much too fast though. I did that last year when I had pneumonia…ended up with it in both lungs and I was down for several months. Not something I would wish on anybody. Feel better!!
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Morena scrive:Ciao Elisabetta, ma che bellissima sorpresa !!! Mi sono iscritta a tutto e adesso poi che farai ricette più sane ti seguirò anche in cucina … in bocca al lupo !!!! Morena
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Beh, non dimenticare il filtro cinematografico. Un'attrice in un film è come un ritratto in movimento, non una persona in carne e ossa. C'è sempre e comunque la trasfigurazione artistica. Paradossalmente, credo che un attrice all'interno di un film sia irreale quanto una pin-up disegnata dal Gil Elvgren o l'Alberto Vargas di turno...
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I completely agree with these suggestions especially the burying and using GPS to relocate the “treasure” LOL! Seriously, CU needs to do a story on Credit Unions in an upcoming issue. The public needs to know about these institutions as viable alternatives to banks. We do NOT have to tolerate their abusive business practices.
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This is pure genius. Aside from my uncontrollable love for beets, what a great idea! The way the beets color this dish make it so beautiful and the beet chips add that crunch... ohh I just cannot wait to try this!
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Hehe jeg glemte helt å si noe om bildet ditt i går jeg - jeg ble helt overlykkelig over premien :-) Skikkelig lekkert der det iallefall, bildet ditt, ja det er nesten som om dråpene sitter på skjermen av pcen. Flott jobbet med dette bildet. Kos deg med helgen Petunia - her har vi faktisk masse sol!
get quotes for car insurance - The wax museum in Kr     | | 26.09.2016 04:45:41
The wax museum in Krasnodar Russia was also very odd and a little creepy. And there was an American figure there, FDR (WWII and all). I agree that religious pilgrimage sites are fascinating. As well as all of the souvenirs...btw, I spoke with one of our uncles who went to Israel about some holy land visiting he did. I guess there are shops there that cater to not just Christian pilgrims - but LDS pilgrims as well. Who knew?? Anything for a buck I suppose. A snow globe with JS on the mount of olives - now that's a treasure.
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Alex // September 21, 2009 at 30 pm Thanks, Alex! No purple, but that’s OK with me.That was a great vid for a great song .Appreciate the sentiments…two hours of work to go, then home to eat stuff I’m not supposed to eat!
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I am right there with you, Mama! With a husband in the military I'm always having to find clever ways to explain things. Did you know that submarines spy on people to let Santa know if they are being good or bad? - Beautiful…. I     | | 27.09.2016 15:03:59
Beautiful…. I usually don’t like LOTR fanvids w/modern music, but this is AMAZING. The lyrics/footage matchup was superb! It’s like you’re hearing the part of Éowyn who’s still a lonely, unloved, powerless girl shriek her rage against the unfairness of life. How could someone so PERFECT and UNDERSTANDING come and save her from grief’s oblivion— and then be in love with another who isn’t even HUMAN? How can Éowyn compete with THAT?!?!This is high praise from a devoted Arwen fan such as I.
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Judy KonstantMichelle…..this was mind-blowing to me….I am the same…..doing it mainly to be funny I think…..I was reading it and just going “WOW !! ” …..GOD……you are good….I seriously think it is going to change my life……I am going to be watching myself closely ! And it was so descriptive, interesting and funny….Thank you my friend….keep thinking ! I could be “perfect” with you around ! - Olá, sugiro que pro     | | 28.09.2016 17:51:04
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Sometimes, this is the hardest part of the process for me. I over think and get bogged down in the process. This is why Nano is good for me but bad for me, too. I’m a total outliner.
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I watched that video last night, Jen, & had absolutely no idea what he was talking about the entire time. Maybe I can go back to it after using Drupal for awhile. But for now, he may as well have been telling jokes in Chinese (I don’t speak Chinese).
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am vazut acum doua seri ca vorbeau despre Collage la B1tv. Am ascultat putin, caci eram pe fuga. Ar fi un loc unde vin oameni grei din Romania, angajati ai ministerelor. Pesemne ca acestia sunt serviti cum trebuie, iar cei care sunt civili, cum sunt eu, nu sunt bagati in seama...
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Welfare, welfare…. What no mention of corporate welfare? Socialize the losses for the taxpayer to assume, guarantee and pay. Privatize the profits, and the 100′s of billions in bonuses while claiming the D’s are not business friendly? And the result of all this largess, “Moral Hazard” and a fight to the death for more taxpayer support, lower taxes and no responsibility for their actions. Growing fat? Nah, it is only the poor who are affected by welfare. Only the poor.
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Aw Naomi, even though I knew this was coming I’m sad to see you go. Through your blog I feel as if I know you and you will be sorely missed. I’m happy that you, Mark and Bandit will be together soon and wish you much success in your future endeavors. I look forward to reading upcoming posts. - I like this blog ver     | | 09.10.2016 01:18:48
I like this blog very much, Its a very nice place to read and obtain information. “Our job is not to straighten each other out, But to help each other up.” by Neva Cole. - Oh wow Mandy, I hope     | | 09.10.2016 04:47:19
Oh wow Mandy, I hope the recipients of your Christmas cards know how lucky they are....they are so beautiful & I can see how much love & care have been put into them! I wish £3k was all I'd spent on craft stash - it's the amount I've spent on coming up with wedding invitation ideas haha xxx - that a baby ought to     | | 09.10.2016 09:14:03
that a baby ought to be just fine left warmly bundled in the fresh air for a couple of hours, even in winter. In my experience, they sleep very well outside… But take note, Kathy! Warmly bundled! Wrap that baby up in some wool, woman. - Youre so cool! I don     | | 09.10.2016 18:04:54
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Stacey, thank you so much. Your beautiful images bring tears to my eyes and make me relive the day he proposed all over again. Here’s to March 17th! - Ja, das kann gut sei     | | 10.10.2016 02:39:07
Ja, das kann gut sein, dass sich das in den Köpfen der Deutschen so festgesetzt hat. Hier in Italien ist das übrigens auch kein Problem …
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Heh. I wanted to learn bagpipe in 7th grade. I will never publicly admit that it was more for being able to annoy everyone within a quarter mile than for the musical qualities of the instrument.  SteveF
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Sorry for the huge review, but I’m really loving the new Zune, and hope this, as well as the excellent reviews some other people have written, will help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.
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You can see some improvement, but I think results would very much depend on the state of your skin to begin with. We all eventually get to the point where the usual topical treatments stop working. So long as your realistic in your expectations, give it a go. - Sorry for the double     | | 11.10.2016 17:44:58
Sorry for the double post.I remember a post about standing up to know if one’s full.How exactly you do judge your fullness? Do you try to imagine your stomach and sense how “filled with stuff” it is? Or do you have more of an emotion?Also, I’m having trouble distinguishing mouth hunger from stomach hunger. What are the factors that tell you, Yes, I’m sure I’m really hungry right now (and not just bored).
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Nice job, Kirsten! I'm glad you were cheap as well because that's the exact same thing I was thinking. I'm glad you didn't go over 4 million for Fleury even though I thought I was underpaying him.P.S. Phaneuf chain smokes? That's disgusting!
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I feel you, cuz. Not fair to have pain piled on top of pain. And sometimes the worst is, you LOOK fine, so people think you're just a whiner. Thank God the woman wasn't even more impaired. I DO know, though, that "it could have been worse" really doesn't make it better.I am BELIEVING for you, and I can see you on QVC hawking those dolls! Hang in there. We love you. - olala.. tu me fatigu     | | 14.10.2016 16:18:04
olala.. tu me fatigues "Anna" ...bon il arrive à la fille stupide que je suis de chercher des films intéressants , je lis le résumé je regarde la bande annonce et les images me parlent ....alors je partage ici ensuite le coup de coeur superficielle allez du vent ! - Hú, de jól néz ki     | | 14.10.2016 19:33:47
Hú, de jól néz ki! Már én is sasolom a Bosnyák téri piacon a nénik asztalait, de még nem találkoztam rebarbarával. Pedig nagyon várom, még sosem ettem!A fényekkel ma én is megszenvedtem, ki-be rohangáltam, fújt a szél, elvitte a dekorációt.
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Since alcohol and opiates are already legal (with some restrictions), the legalization of marijuana (however wrong-headed it might be) shouldn’t really make any difference to the recovery community - Just out of curiosit     | | 15.10.2016 02:27:18
Just out of curiosity, how did PayPal know it was a group of Swingers (no sex happening) that was collecting money for food for a social event?The people that did not receive a refund can just file a dispute and paypal will refund them their money. It really sucks how the also shut down your wifes account as well. There is no winning with paypal, if there is no reason for limiting someones account they will make one up. Their user agreement is ALWAYS in their favor and offer no protection to their users. - How do you figure yo     | | 15.10.2016 02:55:03
How do you figure you’re still rooted? If you flashed the stock kernel and odin gave you the pass notification then you should be good to go. I’ve had no issues since flashing it 12 hours ago. I do however still show the super user icon which Im sure is confusing but I think its a safe bet that you’re unrooted.
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And, in contrast, I’ve seen leftist anti-Zionists alienate hundreds of sympathetic liberal Jews by name-calling and dismissal.There is no mass movement without the mass. - O Paulo respondeu-lh     | | 15.10.2016 23:16:23
O Paulo respondeu-lhe a respeito do “Seu”Izidro, o primeiro caseiro da Granja Cruzeiro, casado com a Joana, pai dos três filhos a que o Paulo se referiu, sendo um deles o Izidro Filho ou Zizidro; êste sim, vc deve ter conhecido. Acho que qdo Sr. Izidro faleceu vc ñ havia ainda chegado a êste Mundo!
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Ian Welerson ⎝⏜⏝â
œâŽ  • 28 de Outubro de 2011 às 21:26Sim, as imagens só "aparecem" quando eu defino uma imagem como destacada, eu não defini nenhuma por que ficava dando esse erro. Alguma idei do que está acontecendo? :/
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dit :Leur as-tu offert ton papier? Pourquoi j’aurais a leur offrir ?Si c’est payant ils aurait déjà du construire un centre de dépôt et payer les gens pour amener leur papier. Comme pour la ferraille.
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michelle: photos lie. but thnx!baby: thnk u)anon: hmm. who are you?ivy: wah...i'm flying!laura: yes we did, everything went well except for the camera but i've moved on lol.
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I retired from government employment and as of age 65 an now pay into Medicare plus a Medicare Advantage of $333.66 monthly for medical and $222.60 for prescriptions. Atage soon to be 81, I am on 6 different medications and 2010 had a stent for an aortic anuerysm. Maintain my own home, shopping, gardeningand don’t have to rely on any outside help.I”m grateful to my doctor of 32 years for keeping me going.
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Clésio Luiz disse:Agora eu pergunto: pra que serve mesmo arsenal nuclar? Uma das maiores forças armadas do mundo tendo que se curvar para um bando de piratas. - I had a saliva gland     | | 16.10.2016 23:46:04
I had a saliva gland stone removed when I was a teenager….gland got sooo sore and swollen, couldnt eat…i was glad to get that out, still have it, too!! - thank you for sharin     | | 17.10.2016 02:15:14
thank you for sharing your story…i thought that i was the only one who has this disorder… i hope my social anxiety doesn’t continue until i graduate college… sigh. thanks alot! :>
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LTTL – you are a genius! Your site is just what the doctor ordered during these times of disarray. This site surely brings pleasure and delight…giving a time to laugh at the unlaughable. Just know your HP family is behind you and your commentaries 100%. Just don’t stop!MIVOTE
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CR9 To Become CR7 For Real Madrid?Who Ate All The Pies (blog)Times of India -Vanguard -Accidental Sexiness (blog)all 31 news
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Courtney - I love biscotti, and I am always looking for new recipes to try–this one looks like a winner! Can’t wait to try it…I love the idea of the candied Clementine peels!Courtney
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í rozsudku v nÄ›jaké vÄ›ci mohl udÄ›lat takovou vsuvku a tam se k tomuto tématu vyjádÅ™it. Pak by to bylo legitimní a zcela v pořádku:-)Nebo by se k tomu mÄ›l vyjádÅ™it prostÅ™ednictvÃ
m tiskové mluvčí KS. Ivo Pospíšil - haha, love the pouch     | | 17.10.2016 14:46:37
haha, love the pouch (would have gotten a kick out of seeing the whole project - but eh, you know, some censorship is good), and the poo pincushion. - I love this! I was l     | | 18.10.2016 06:18:42
I love this! I was looking at the new buttons with firebug and was pleasantly surprised, which lead me here. This buttons look great and it would surely save me the trouble of making all those image buttons. - Oj vad den blir hyll     | | 18.10.2016 07:07:49
Oj vad den blir hyllad i bokbloggosfären idag! Jag är jättesugen på att läsa, men ska man helst läsa Styggelsen först för att få mest behållning, eller spelar det ingen roll? - Hi Bumble Bumble! Ho     | | 18.10.2016 12:46:57
Hi Bumble Bumble! How are you? I am trying to get better at developing scenes that are quick and have an arc. This is a hybrid of fiction & reality. (I won’t tell you which parts are real and which parts are fantasy.) I’ll just say that sometimes a good writing prompt can really help me write faster. Because I am so painfully slow. Thanks for “buzzing” by! (Did you see what I did there? I got a little punny.) - Mary, I guess I was     | | 18.10.2016 13:44:19
Mary, I guess I was too subtle. I’m more poet than journalist. Anyway, I changed the title to emphasize that it was supposed to be a question–the answer to which is no. And I changed a few other things in the post to–adding a second hypothetical question.Michael, thanks for dropping by–especially in clarifying what it means to have a supplier’s membership. Sorry if I was less than clear. In my excitement to post about this, I rushed it. I have a lot of respect for what you all are doing at Nelson, from getting rid of imprints last year to this decision.
cialis online NABP - Yes there’s de     | | 18.10.2016 21:12:57
Yes there’s definitely some issues with this one, kind of a more honorary 10 lol. I haven’t reviewed Hawkeye yet but he looks completely different to the comic book version. Hopefully they release comic-book variants of Cap as they did with Batman II, although like Batman, they would have quite a few variations to choose from within the comics. The shield is very nice, a unique piece too I think.
viagra - buy viagra online     | | 19.10.2016 00:24:47
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heatemysoulWhen I was a kid I lived very close to the Rio Grande River and my ma used to say to me la Llorona was going to cross the river and get me… I was so happy when we moved out of there
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Essas mulheres pá, são casadas mas querem tar com outros homens, vê se pode. Depois dizem que são inocentes quando e’ hora do divorcio. Ahhh se o homem pudesse viver sem a mulher teria menos extresssssssss.
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